Set Up

Build the environment using CloudFormation

  1. We will need an EC2 Key Pair to build this stack.
  2. Under Services, Compute go to EC2.
  3. Select Key Pairs on the left.
  4. Create a Key Pair. Name the Key Pair "CloudSecurityDemoKP" and save the file to your desktop.
    • We will not need the file, but a Key Pair must exist
  5. Now under Services open Management & Governance, CloudFormation
  6. Click “Create Stack
  7. Save this file to your desktop: InfraSecBuilderSessionEnvBuild.json
  8. In CloudFormation, choose upload a template file, and choose the json file you just downloaded.
  9. Fill out the screen as follows:
    • Stack Name: "CloudSecurity-Demo-Stack"
    • Availability Zone 1: Pick any availability zone
    • Availability Zone 2: Pick any availability zone except the first one you picked
    • LatestLinuxAmiID: Leave as default.
    • PassedKeyName: "CloudSecurityDemoKP"
  10. Click “Next”
  11. Click “Next” on the following screen.
  12. Acknowledge the CloudFormation Template creates a user by checking the box.
    • Note: People frequently miss this step
  13. Click “Create Stack”
  14. Refresh the CloudFormation interface until the Status of the CloudSecurity demo stack shows “Create Complete”
  15. Click on the Stack Name
  16. Go to the Outputs tab of the Stack
  17. Copy the following DNS names into a separate note pad. You can go to these in a web browser to validate that the Web servers are publicly accessible.
    • The LoadBalancerFullDNS, PoCWebServer1PublicDNS, and PoCWebServer2PublicDNS should all work.

Now we’ve setup the environment. We can now move forward with your hands on portion.