Clean Up

In order to avoid unnecessary ongoing expenses, make sure to clean up all the resources you created in this lab.

  1. Empty and Delete your cloudsecurity-demo-bucket-{myname} bucket
  2. Empty and Delete your cloudsecurity-ssmlogs-bucket-{myname} bucket
    • If you got this far
  3. Stop Config charges by going to Settings and clicking the Turn off button to disable the Configuration Recorder.
  4. Empty and Delete your Config Bucket. If you selected the default, that will likely be named config-bucket-ACCTIDXXXXXX
  5. Delete your CloudTrail Trail
  6. Disable GuardDuty
  7. In VPC, go to the NACLs you created and disassociate them from any subnets.
  8. Now Delete the NACLs.
  9. In CloudFormation Delete your Stack
    • Wait until this is complete